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The Knife and The Daffodil

Premiered November, 2014
Actasana Theatre, Denver, Colorado
University of Denver Actors, Director, Cellist

This 2 act, full-length play is a love story about two friends, Buck and Gaia–both of whom have been sexually assaulted.

When careless words and toxic memories collide, their friendship is shattered. The Knife and the Daffodil captures the raw emotions of their tortured inner landscapes and their transcendent journeys towards healing. It also shines the light on the malignant sexism that pervades our society.

“I took Buck and Gaia home in my heart and cried for them. I know first hand their pain.”
audience comment


A Christmas Wish

Premiered December, 2014
Actasana Theatre, Denver, Colorado
Actors from the Actasana Acting Studio

This 1 act, short play features Suzy, an intersex person, who has received a proposal for marriage. Fearing that Tom, her fiancé, will reject her like all the others, she conspires with her brother to murder him. Who will prevail?

“Tom saw Suzy’s magic and accepted her differences–so moving.”
audience comment


The Crow and The Snake

Premiered October, 2015
Vintage Theatre, Aurora, Colorado
Actors and Director from One Night Stand Theater

When our modern-day St. Francis encounters a crow with a broken beak and then a rattlesnake stranded in the middle of a flooded lake, it is in his nature to rescue them–with mixed results! Take Care…Take Care…Beware…Beware!
“This portrayal of the unexpected consequences when we intervene in Nature gave me pause…”
audience comment

Plays In Progress…

Never Again Except in Memory

When I met them, I was reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s poem, The Ballad of East and West (“… and never the twain shall meet…”), and the fact that in Denver, there is a special place where East meets West. It is a pedestrian bridge called The Mindful Bridge.   Mounted on the bridge are plaques with quotes about mindfulness.   Both our hero, a widower from the US, and our heroine, a widow from Afghanistan, walk the bridge…together.

The Times is a’ Changin’

For too many yesterdays, change crept at a petty pace–until the Stonewall Inn raid of 1969. But after the raid and the ensuing riots, the pace of LGBTQ activism and change quickened. That said, even with progress, coming out of the closet could, and still can, take courage. The media covers the “haters” and the Matthew Shepards, but we seldom hear the back-stories about changing attitudes. These stories are noteworthy too.

The Eternal Bystander

Throughout history, mankind has identified some individual or group as the “The Other”. This has subjected them to a multitude of abuses—bullying, slavery, rape, murder and genocide. In our story, a diverse group of men and women come before “The Tribunal” to determine who indeed is The Other. Enter a group of White Supremacists, The Eternal Bystander (who is determined to finally take a stand), and YOU, the audience, who writes the Bystander’s closing argument.


a 10-minute play!

The Day Vasili Arkhipov Saved Adam and Eve

During the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 1962), the US and the USSR stood on the brink of nuclear war. A flotilla of 4 Soviet submarines with nuclear torpedoes were in Cuban waters.

On the flotilla command sub, B-59, the Captain loaded the torpedo and requested permission to fire; the Political Officer concurred; the deciding vote belonged to flotilla commander Vasili Arkhipov.

Meanwhile at the Naval Base in San Diego, lovers pondered the end of the world.

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